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Illawarra Coatings manufactures a range of waterborne and solventfree epoxy systems.  Our waterborne epoxies use a convenient 1:1 mix ratio by volume but our  

solventless epoxies use a different approach to other manufacturers.


With the exception of our Pourable Grout product, each of our other systems us a common resin...EcoPoxy SF Resin.  This allows applicators to hold one resin product and team this with hardeners appropriate to the task at hand.  With a convenient 2:1 by volume mix ratio, hardeners can even be blended on site to fine tune properties depending on specific site conditions. For example, EcoPoxy SF35 and be blended with EcoPoxy SF10 in any ratio to reduce cure times.




EcoPoxy® MVB

EcoPoxy® MVB is a two-part waterborne epoxy coating system designed to act as a moisture and vapour barrier primarily over rigid cementitious substrates.


EcoPoxy® MVB Ultra

EcoPoxy® MVB Ultra is a two-part waterborne epoxy coating system designed to act as a single coat moisture and vapour barrier primarily over rigid cementitious substrates. 


EcoPoxy® NPP

EcoPoxy® NPP is a high performance, two component, synthetic resin-based epoxy primer for non-porous surfaces providing a good bond coat prior to the application of subfloor levelling compounds and thin bed mortars.  EcoPoxy® NPP is ideal on dense, smooth, non-porous substrates.

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EcoPoxy® WB

EcoPoxy® WB is a high performance two component water based industrial epoxy coating system available in a range of colours. EcoPoxy WB White is designed for floor and wall applications where durability and chemical abrasion resistance is required.


EcoPoxy® SF Resin

EcoPoxy® SF Resin is a custom blend of Bisphenol A and Bisphenol F epoxy resins, diluted in a monofunctional reactive diluent.  This specific combination of epoxy resins and reactive diluents eliminates resin crystallisation on storage due to cold temperatures


EcoPoxy® SF10

EcoPoxy® SF10 Hardener is a rapid cure hardener designed for use with EcoPoxy® SF Resin where Rapid Return To Service (RR2S) or applications in cold temperatures are required.

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EcoPoxy® SF35

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EcoPoxy® TF

EcoPoxy® TF is a two part solvent free epoxy resin system, for combining with selected fillers and aggregate to produce epoxy mortars of various consistencies. Ideal for bonding, sealing, priming, coating and grouting. May be used on vertical or horizontal applications as structural epoxy adhesive paste and filler. .


EcoPoxy® PG

EcoPoxy® PG is a two part component, high performance, pre filled epoxy liquid, suitable for use as a pourable or trowellable grouting material and in bonding new to old concrete.

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