Penseal Ultra


PenSeal Ultra is a solventborne, invisible and breathable sealer designed to protect products such as tiles, pavers, exposed natural stone, concrete and grout from damage due to water, salts and oil based stains. PenSeal Ultra impregnates the substrate to protect ingress of salts and chlorides. It protescts reinforced concrete from waterborne chloride ions making it an ideal protective surface treatment.

Feature and benefits.

  • Maintains a natural look to the substrate.
  • Repels stains, graffiti and food products.
  • Allows surfaces to breath.
  • Penetrates porous surfaces.
  • Prevents corrosion of reinforcement bars.
  • Repels water and oil-based stains.
  • Minimises efflorescence, alkali silica reactions and freeze thaw problems.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor (UV stable)
  • Reduces mould and moss growth.
  • Seals cracks up to 0.3mm, reducing water ingress.
  • Allows water vapour to escape from structure.
  • Australian made.

Recommended substrates.

  1. In-situ concrete and masonry.
  2. Stone.
  3. Terrazzo.

Technical Data