EcoDur WB


EcoDur WB is a two component, water based, high build polyurethane floor coating ideal for both internal and external concrete surfaces. EcoDur WB has been specifically designed as a clear topcoat for Polished Concrete and as a UV stable topcoat for the Illawarra Coatings EcoFlake flooring system. EcoDur WB has also be successively used over metallic epoxy floor systems.
EcoDur WB is available in a range of AS2700 colours. Due to its unique design EcoDur WB is a hard wearing, durable coating, exhibiting good resistance to marking and staining.

Feature and benefits.

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Good resistance to marking and staining
  • Exhibits good resistance to UV light
  • MATT and GLOSS finish
  • Exhibits good chemical resistance
  • Can be used in areas subjected to high levels of pedestrian and vehicular traffic

Recommended substrates.

  1. In-situ concrete and masonry.
  2. Terrazzo concrete.

Technical Data

Epoxy flooring painting for water proof on roof slab.jpg