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EcoPoxy® SF Resin

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  • EcoPoxy® SF Resin is a custom blend of Bisphenol A and Bisphenol F epoxy resins, diluted in a monofunctional reactive diluent.  This specific combination of epoxy resins and reactive diluents eliminates resin crystallisation on storage due to cold temperatures

    EcoPoxy® SF Resin forms the backbone of the Illawarra Coatings solventfree epoxy range.  This range is based on our unique approach to solventfree epoxies that employs the Common Resin Principle (CRP)CRP allows the applicator to choose the appropriate curing agent for the task at hand.  This approach not only minimises stock levels, but also eliminates the possibility of incorrect resin/hardener combinations.

    With a consistent 2:1 by volume mix ratio, hardeners can even be blended on site to fine tune properties depending on specific site conditions.  For example, EcoPoxy® SF40 hardener can be blended with EcoPoxy® SF10 hardener in any ratio to reduce cure times.