Internet of Things (IoT) Systems

SiMoS - Site Monitoring System

The SiMoS Site Monitoring System has been developed over the past several years to provide an enhanced site monitoring system for applicators. The system consist of a microcontroller with attached enviromental sensors. The type of sensor can be varied to suit the applicators requirements but typically includes monitoring of temperature, relative humidity, dewpoint and, via a micro infra red thermometer, surface temperature. The microcontroller monitors the selected enviromental parameters, and sends the collected data to a cloud based dashboard via a cellular connection. The applicator is than able to determine whether sufficient drying and/or curing of the applied coatings has been achieved. For larger areas, multiple sensor units can be deployed via a mesh network, each reporting back to a central control node that transmits the data to the cloud dashboard. Currently in development is a software version specifically for Illawarra Coatings manufactured products that automatically calculates the degree of cure of the coating based on the measured environmental parameters, and the known kinetics of the cure reaction. In September 2021, the SiMoS system was granted an Australian Patent.