EcoPoxy® SF10 Hardener


EcoPoxy® SF10 Hardener is a rapid cure hardener designed for use with EcoPoxy® SF Resin.

EcoPoxy® SF10 Hardener is used when Rapid Return To Service (RR2S) or applications in cold temperatures are required.

Whilst EcoPoxy® SF10 Hardener can be used as a finishing coat typically for small areas, it is commonly blended with wither EcoPoxy® SF40 or EcoPoxy® SF50 Hardeners.

Feature and benefits.

  • Crystallisation resistant
  • Convenient 2:1 by volume mix ratio with EcoPoxy® SF Resin.
  • Nonflammable
  • Negligible odour and toxicity
  • Australian Made

Recommended applications.

  • Primers.
  • Floor coatings.
  • Coving applications.
  • Epoxy screeds and mortars

Technical Data