EcoDur WB - High performance waterborne polyurethane coating

EcoDur WB is a two component, waterborne, polyurethane system designed for use on both internal and external concrete surfaces. The product has been specifically designed to have exceptional chemical and uv resistance making it ideal as a topcoat for polished concrete, and flake floor systems. EcoDur WB can be tinted to a range of AS2700 colours currently via colourpacks. A machine colourant system is currently in development and is expected to be available by Q4 2021. Coupled with our colour matching spectromenter and software, this machine colourant system will be able to supply colour on demand. Learn more...

EcoDur Diluent W

Diluent W is a diluent for use with waterborne EcoDur and EcoPoxy coatings systems.
The addition of Diluent W reduces the viscosity of coatings systems without sacrificing wetting, flow and levelling properties which would occur if straight water is used.
Diluent W also contains an advanced defoamer system to minimise air bubbles forming on porous substrates. Learn more...