What are Indian #LondonLocs?

Indian #LondonLocs are #London Locs done with 100% Raw Temple Indian Hair.

What different Indian #LondonLoc options are available?

To the right is Indian Wavy #LondonLocs. Below is Indian Curly #LondonLocs.

What products are recommended for upkeep?

Minimum product is recommended for Indian #LondonLocs. Purchase a spray bottle and add a small amount of your favorite conditioner or moisturizer and spray frequently. Separate curls from locs for a more defined curly look. Do not pull curls aggressively.

Will my natural hair texture match the Indian hair provided?

None of the length of your real hair will be visible so texture matching is not an issue.

Does Indian hair last longer than Brazilian?

Both textures are expected to last equally. Maintanence and cleanliness are the most important factors when considering the length of time you can wear your install.

What color is the hair provided?

The hair provided will come in a natural #1/2 brown or black.