Waterborne Epoxy

Illawarra Coatings manufacture a range of waterborne and solventfree epoxy systems. Our waterborne epoxies are a convient 1:1 mix ratio by volume. Products are available for concrete primeing, moisture vapour barriers, grouts and admixture systems. Learn more...


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Our densifiers are based on alkali metal silicates and range from simple, low cost sodium silicates for dustproofing application to advanced lithium silicates for high end concrete grinding and polishing. Included in this category is also the DuraShine and EcoGrout products. Learn more...

Penetrating sealers

Illawarra Coatings manufacturers penetrating sealers that encompass water repellency alone, or water and oil repellency in both waterborne and solventborne combinations. Learn more...

UV Cured Coatings

UV cured coatings have, until recently, been restricted to fixed line manufacturing where precise control of coating weights, linespeeds and cure conditions could be maintained. During the mid 2000's, advances in equipment, lamp and raw material technologies allowed uv cure system to move from fixed line to field applied applications. Since 2010, Illawarra Coatings has conducted extensive research and development into Field Applied UV Cured Coatings. The result of this research was the introduction of the EcoLux range of products. This research also led to the granting of two Australian Patents. Learn More...

Tinting Systems

Artistic Resins

We offer a range of artistic resins and additives. 1. Epoxy based systems for artwork 2. Epoxy based systems for metallic floors and benchtops 3. UV Cured systems for rapid cure applications.

Solventfree Epoxy

Illawarra Coatings solventless epoxies use a different approach to other manufacturers. With the exception of our Pourable Grout product, each of our other systems us a common resin...EcoPoxy SF Resin. This allows applicators to hold one resin product and team this with hardeners appropriate to the task at hand. With a consistant 2:1 by volume mix ratio, hardeners can even be blended on site to fine tune properties depending on specific site conditions. For example, EcoPoxy SF40 and be blended with EcoPoxy SF10 in any ratio to reduce cure times. Learn more...